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Electronn John

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MA, us
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How to make your kid eat his vegetables: Method 38 Three things I love; cute blondes, dogs and chess.
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Vikings, The Walking Dead, Grey's Anatomy, The 100 
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2-23-07 Last night I got to bed late and was very tired. I decided in a moment of weakness not to floss my teeth in order to save some time, although I did brush them. Tonight I will return to my normal dental cleaning regiment. 2-5-07 Earlier today I had a slight itch on the back of my head. After enduring a moment or two of this sensation I moved my left index finger to the offending spot and scratched it. Shortly there after the itch subsided and I returned my hand to its normal resting position. 1-30-07 Today I decided to create a blog and then I did it. Now I find that I have to come up with something interesting to say or else it will be completely useless to have a blog. I fear that I have become a slave to my own blog. I think I will eat an orange now.

What I've Been Up To

The Dullest Blog On Yuku


After looking out my office window for a long time I turned my head slightly to the left and looked at my computer monitor.  After a few minutes of staring at my monitor I turned my head slightly to the right and continued to looking out the window. 

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People I look up to

Everybody over 6 feet tall.

Images I took with my Electron Microscope


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